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-No bleach required- 


Using a darker pink blended with brown color creates this beautiful tone that gives your hair a glossy look.

Natural Brown 

Natural Brown color helps to create soft and attractive appearance and to add that extra touch of volume, you can consider adding in curls.

Caramel Brown

This style blends dark brown and chocolate colors with a light caramel color. 

Velvet Copper 

Copper tones can honestly look great for anyone, if done correctly. 

Hair Transformations by Kolorist Stylists
-no bleach required-





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$238 Bundle Deal$238 Bundle Deal


-With Bleach-

For More than 1-tone Color/Highlight/Balayage
Additional Charges will apply (By Consultation)

Partial Bleach / Highlight 

Ash Highlight 

Ash Highlight

Ash Highlight

Ash Highlight

Whole Hair Bleach 

Grey Airtouch Balayage

Gold Airtouch Balayage

Natural Brown Airtouch Balayage

Ash Brown

Does not want to bleach? We got you !

100% Result Satisfaction. Get your Desired Color in KOLORIST!

KOLORIST PROMISE 1 : Result Guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with the service, we will retouch for FREE. Because we process color service with pride and if you feel any dissatisfactions, we will process it again.

Premium Products!

We do not lower prices by using sub-quality hair products.
We only use the most famous, safe and effective hair dye products

  • Non-staining & Non-irritant
  • More Glossy, Silkier Hair 
  • Featured at "Beauty Undercover media"

Founded in 1951 and incorporated in 1956.
Concept of “well-being” by using internationally certified organic natural botanical products and science-based products. 

Shiseido professional is a TOP Hair Color Brand. Focused in the "function of water" and the "effect of light". 

KOLORIST PROMISE 3 : Professional Team

All of our Colorist are Expert in the industry and Technician are from Certified Hair Academy- Nvisually. Our professional designers understand dyeing & products, trendy hair colors, and professional customer service after formal testing. 

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The service was exceptional. She was incredible, thorough and helpful throughout the whole process. Even though it’s my first time colouring my hair.I had a cut after as well which went better than I imagined myself. Would definitely come back for my future haircut! 

Customer image

The service here is superb. I have my hair coloring done and Desmond is nothing but passionate about sharing his expert advise and generous in applying the pre and post products on my hair to ensure that damage is minimized. And I walk out of the salon with a result that look exactly like picture. Will 100% come back and recommend others to come over and look for Desmond too!

Customer image

Had a wonderful experience at Kolorist today, and can't wait to come back again! Master stylist Desmond was very professional with his styling and gave me alot of advice which is v impt for someone colouring hair for the first time. The entire service was comfortable for me and the end product was better than anything I could have asked for :))

Customer image

Airtouch balayage with Vickie and her team. Vickie was attentive when listening to what i wanted to get done. Really appretiate how she would offer her input in what she think would suit me better! Despite the complicated state of hair that i arrive in, Vickie and her team remained patient, merticulous and cheerful throughout the 4 hour long process. Satisfied with the whole experience! 10/10 will come back next time 😁

Customer image

My first time at Kolorist and my hair was done by Ms Vickie. She was very thorough and helpful throughout the session, and also tried her best to give me the colour I wanted! Her and another stylist (didn’t manage to catch her name) assisting her were all very friendly, really grateful for the superb service :) I’m very happy with the result and it was a really pleasant experience overall ~

Customer image

*This is not a paid review but is randomly selected from Google's real customer reviews.

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