We are Kolorist, hair coloring & hair extension specialty salon.

We specialize in 2023 trendy color services such as Ombre / Highlight / Air Touch.

We are hiring Hair extension model who wants Ombre / Highlight / Air Touch Hair without bleaching.


Incomparable hair quality, uses natural human hair

Variety of color types, retention of human hair

Comfortable Combing

Extension Hair Model Service Includes:

  • Select Ombre/Sombre/ETC, Balayage/Secret two-tone style -> Requires bleached hair pieces with 100G hair extension that we will provide.
  • After discussing with the stylist, decide on the extension type (Type in, Glue in) & select desired color.
  • Service done by our experts (1-2 hrs)
  • Profile Photo Shoot & Simple Make-Up

*Subject to availability


Additional Fees

  • Re-Touch (if necessary): $40
  • Removal of hair extension: $50
  • Head Spa: $30
  • Every other hair service at 30% discount

We Are Hiring!

  • Those who can agree to use photos for KOLORIST marketing purposes!
  • Long hair!

As representatives of color specialists, we are doing our best to produce the best color and results.

A total of 30 Colors Available! 45CM, 50CM, 60CM lengths are available!

  • Who wants to try new hair without dyeing!
  • Those who want to try a hairstyle that is loved by their boyfriend!
  • Those who cannot dye hair due to severe damage!


# The most natural color
# If you are doing extensions for the first time, I recommend it!


# Most favoured by customers
# 3,400 Satisfied Customers


# After doing it, achieve the most satisfying celebrity hair.



Maintenance Period

Maintenance time mostly lasts for about 2 months, but the maintenance period may vary depending on how you manage it.



Convenience of Maintenance

Convenience of maintenance is a part of how convenient it is to live a daily life. At first, it may feel foreign, but as time passes, it becomes very normal.



Processing Time

The procedure time is approximately 1 hour for TYPE IN and 1-2 hours for GLUE IN.




Perfection is the state of how unnoticeable when the hair is tied or blown by the wind, the state of how natural it is. Although GLUE IN is said to be natural in average, our shop is natural regardless of any types and does its best to ensure that it does not interfere with the day-to-day life. We are doing our best to serve you!



KOLORIST Special hair extensions

We only use highest quality, 100% human hair. It has not undergone any chemical processing. Own quality, processing company & hair extensions with 10 years of experience! We work with a professional company.

Our designers provide education on hair extensions, 100% customer satisfaction with more than 10 years of beauty experience. We also supply Singapore's TOP hair salons. We are planning to enter the shop-in-shop!

As a hair salon specializing in dyeing, the customers choose the color they want. We specialize in choosing the right hair color for you. We also have many colors of best quality hair dye that we are proud to use.

What Our Customers Say

See how our previous customer experience our product and service

It was my first time trying extensions, so I was worried about whether it would be uncomfortable or not, but I didn't feel more uncomfortable than I thought, and it was burdensome to dye it, but after doing it, I'm 100% satisfied!!

I think I was relieved because my designer recommended the color that suits me and gave explanations throughout the hair extension procedure. Above all, I was surprised that my hair was good, and I liked that it was comfortable.

I'm on my 3rd treatment now. I think it's easier to do it with extensions than dyeing it. I think it's nice to be able to style my hair differently every time without damaging it. My designer is the best!

How to take care of your hair after hair extensions?

How to comb?

You can use a tail comb and a brush comb for combing, but use the tail comb on the scalp side. If you use it upright, you may feel uncomfortable because it gets caught in the hair extensions. Comb your hair with a brush.

How to apply shampoo?

Before applying shampoo, comb your hair and only apply it around the scalp without rubbing it from top to bottom with your fingers. Rinse the entire area afterward. For treatment, apply evenly to the hair below the jawline and rinse! * It is convenient to wash the shampoo standing for a while.

How to dry hair?

Cold wind on the scalp side, warm wind on the hair side, and be sure to dry your hair on the scalp side! If you dry it less, the protein absorbs moisture and blows, which can affect the holding period!

Frequently Asked Questions