Korean Perm Specialty

Korean Perm Device & Perm Specialty Products

Our Stylists are Well-trained Korean Perm Certified

Hair Perm Model Services are:

We do not simply provide basic perm services but we apply innovative techniques based on trendy Korean-style perm that will suit your face shape. Perm is carried out with certified professional guidance along.

*Can also restore damaged Perm hair.

*Can restore damaged perm hair that other salons cannot.


  • Requires a haircut
  • Natural C/S curl goes in together
  • Looks better with a long hair


  • Combination of layered cut and natural S-Curl
  • Lighter and chic feeling from S-Curl perm
  • Looks better with a long hair


  • C-curl and S-curl mixed perm
  • From being tied, it naturally creates a flowing look that follows the contours of the face when untied
  • Hairline according to face shape


  • Can change the overall look, looking like an impersonation
  • Those who like excessive curls
  • Has a mania for trendy perm


  • Perm that goes well with both short and long hair
  • Smooth and natural ironing feeling
  • Easy-to-manage perm

Short hair C-curl perm

Long hair C-curl perm


  • A perm that goes well with both short and long hair.
  • The most possible type of perms you can do without a haircut
  • Korean-style perm - The most basic and popular type of perms

Short hair S-curl perm

Long hair S-curl perm

  • Those who have never done a desired natural perm!
  • Those who did not achieve long maintenance even after perm!
  • Those who want a perm that is easier to manage!
  • Those who want natural C/S curls in Korean style!

Those who haven't been satisfied with their present perm

Our KOLORIST hair perm lasts longer

If you directly use dye on damaged hair, the perm may disappear quickly. But not in the case of our KOLORIST perms, which stay longer while also providing nutrients to damaged hair.

After the perm, our designer will give a detailed explanation of how to manage your hair.

This is the video footage of our customer's hair who visited 6 months after her perm.

Why kolorist? We can deliver the perm you want!

Only certified design professionals through Korean-style perm education and numerous pieces of training at Nvisually (a formal beauty education institution in Singapore) can perform perm services.

We use the most famous perm brand in Korea. We also keep the exact temperature and time when doing the perm to your hair to produce the desired results.

The perm product used by KOLORIST and we only use the safest and most effective products!

Proper Care After Your Hair Perm

Do not apply shampoo to your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm so it can undergo a neutralization stage. This process is fulfilled in 24-48 hours and is helpful for fixing curls.

For heat perm, it can result in neat and dry-looking hair. But that doesn't mean you have to turn around. If you want a neat and tidy look, we recommend turning it dry, and if it is difficult to dry or there isn't enough time, you can either shake it off or dry it with your fist and then apply the product to clean it.

You should do regular treatments at home. In particular, the conditioner for perm restores moisture and shine to the hair, maintains softness, and makes the perm last longer. So be sure to consult with the designer before choosing any products to use.

After rinsing your hair, use a wide-spaced-tooth comb to carefully remove hair twists or tangles. Don't brush your hair too often to prevent hair damage and breakage. Frequent combing can also fade away hair gloss.

If you trim your hair regularly, it will look prettier and you can keep it for a long time.

Frequent use of tools that apply heat such as a hair dryer is not recommended. Curling and flat ironing can damage sensitive hair and cause the perm to quickly lose its shape.

What Our Customers Say

See how our previous customer experience our product and service

I had a perm before but I regretted it a lot because it was so curly. Hence, I didn't think about getting a perm again. But with Kolorist, their perm looks pretty and natural which lasts for a long time so I'm visiting regularly! It's a complete recommendation!

I was worried that my hair would be damaged but seems to have become better and I'm completely satisfied because I don't have to straighten it every morning. The preparation time was shortened a lot.

I think my hair got better because the designer carefully explained how to manage and care for my hair. And I tried a Korean-style perm for the first time and I like it moving forward. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

The service of the designer was so good. Thank you for the tips on making your perm last longer. It was very helpful because there was not much damage after the perm. I will visit again!!!

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