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Men's Hair Perm Service Included:

Bundle 1

Bundle 2

The most important thing is to choose the right perm based on your scalp and facial shape.

Monday ~ Friday Only (10am~6pm)

1. Volume perm + down perm

  • For those who are trying a perm for the first time
  • For those who want the most natural-looking volume
  • For those who want to achieve an ideal head shape
  • For those who prefer a natural look with a C-curl shape rather than an S-curl shape

*The hairstyle can vary depending on the facial shape.

#Various styles of volume perm

Because volume perm involves weaker and more natural-looking curls, the maintenance period is shorter than other types of perms, typically lasting around one and a half to two months. 

2. Shadow perm + down perm

  • For those who want to create a lovely feeling with natural-looking S-curls
  • For those who want an S-curl perm that is not too burdensome for daily wear
  • For those who want a perm that is easy to maintain by just applying curl cream

*The hairstyle can vary depending on the facial shape.

#Various styles of shadow perm

Think of an S-curl perm as having stronger curls and a more defined curl pattern compared to volume perm!

Because shadow perm involves stronger curls with a more defined curl pattern, the maintenance period is longer than other types of perms, typically lasting around two and a half to three months. 

3. Asy perm + down perm

  • A perm that is popular among people aged 20-40 regardless of personal preferences.
  • Exposes a little bit of forehead for a refreshing feel.#Highly recommended for those with long and pointed faces.
  • Style varies depending on the hair's parting ratio and length.

#Various styles of Asy perm

The maintenance period for a leaf perm typically lasts for one to one and a half months, after which it transforms into a natural-looking leaf perm style.

4. Garma perm + down perm

  • Garma perm creates a distinct parting compared to an S perm, and the resulting style can vary depending on the ratio of the parting. This can make the style more subjective and less universally appealing compared to other types of perms.

5. Gail perm + down perm

  • Recommended for those who want a masculine and sophisticated hairstyle
  • Suitable for those with a well-defined jawline
  • Recommended for those who want an easy-to-manage perm
  • Achieve an overall stylish look by leaving one side of the bangs down and the other side up.

#Various styles of gail perm

Recommended hairstyle for long hair

6. Leaf perm + down perm

  • Recommended for men with a certain length of hair
  • Soft waves that fall naturally create a gentle impression
  • A mature and sophisticated style

Recommended hairstyle for short hair

7. Crop Cut + whole down perm

  • Recommended for short hair that cannot be styled into other popular haircuts
  • Gives an overall calm look to untidy hair and makes the hairline neat

#Various styles of Crop cut + whole down perm

Before & After


So.... What kind of perm should I get?

Angular face shape

To avoid concentrating on the forehead, it is recommended to tidy up the side hair cleanly (leaf perm). Revealing the forehead (as perm) or adding volume to the brow ridge is also recommended.

Round face shape

It is recommended to lift the front hair (gale perm), and instead of cutting the side hair too short, it is better to leave a moderate length and give a down perm to flatten it.

Long face shape

Lowering the front hair (volume perm, shadow perm) and giving a clean down perm to the side hair to emphasize the length and maintain a clear boundary between the horizontal and vertical lines.

*These are recommendations based on average data, for more detailed recommendations please discuss with our designers!

Why you should Down Perm

  • Makes your face appear smaller
  • Reduces the horizontal area of your face
  • Can complement any haircut or style
  • Easy to manage and style every morning

Menshair's Promise

We only use safe and healthy products.

Minimal scalp irritation

Herb oil minimizes scalp irritation.

Balance of oil and moisture

20 types of plant-based oils and fine protein particles help maintain a balance of oil and moisture, providing elasticity to the hair.


Even after the treatment, lotus callus and phyto placenta components help maintain moisture.

Scalp protector

We use scalp protectors in all processes to minimize direct impact on the scalp.

We work with certified designers

We work with designers certified by nvisually academy (government-certified beauty academy).

Service location & contact information

We will guide you to the available locations depending on the reservation time and date. For men's haircut reservations, please contact us through Menshair Whatsapp.

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What Our Customers Say

See how our previous customer experience our product and service

I had a perm before but I regretted it a lot because it was so curly. Hence, I didn't think about getting a perm again. But with Kolorist, their perm looks pretty and natural which lasts for a long time so I'm visiting regularly! It's a complete recommendation!

I was worried that my hair would be damaged but seems to have become better and I'm completely satisfied because I don't have to straighten it every morning. The preparation time was shortened a lot.

I think my hair got better because the designer carefully explained how to manage and care for my hair. And I tried a Korean-style perm for the first time and I like it moving forward. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

The service of the designer was so good. Thank you for the tips on making your perm last longer. It was very helpful because there was not much damage after the perm. I will visit again!!!

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